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    Your photo

    Maximum size of 20mb per photo. If you want the art as-is without photo select the blue box “I don’t want to add pictures


    • (max file size 6 GB)
    Add your text

    You can add text in up to 3 locations. See on the 2nd icon on the left of the art where the texts will be inserted. Enter max 3 words, per text. If you want the art without any personal text, select the blue box “I don’t want to add text

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Good photo

Bad Photo

In Your Phone

You can go to the photo properties and make sure it meets the requirements​

Bad Photo

  1. Locate and right-click the intended digital image file​
  2. Select ‘Properties’​
  3. Click the ‘Details’ tab at the top of the popup window
  4. The property “DIMENSIONS” will tell you the size of your photo​
  • You can upload up to 3 pictures and 3 small sentences (max 3 words per sentence, ideally one word would look nicer).​
  • ​You do not have to add text if you do not want it. You can choose to upload only pictures or only words.​​
  • You can also choose to print the art as is without adding your pictures nor your text. You will see on the left the icon showing the Background version without photos and texts. ​​
  • Our designers will place the pictures according to the location described on the little icon on the left of the screen. The first picture you upload will go where it shows “Photo 1”, the 2nd picture where it says “Photo 2” and so on. You can also see in this icon where the texts will be inserted.​
  • If you would like the designer to put the emphasis on a specific picture or word, please explain it clearly in “Send a message to the designer”. ​Our process is a creative one, as such, your pictures may be altered, cropped or trimmed by our designers to make them fit harmoniously in the artwork. Trust us and trust our designers. We will make it look amazing.

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